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May 25, 2023 1 min read

In the 1930's Grandpa Hugh Severson was a traveling salesman for AC/Delco auto parts. Living in Los Angeles at the time he loved to take the family on vacation down the coast to the small seaside village of San Clemente. Eventually moving the family for good the Severson family settled in San Clemente in the 40's and quickly adjusted to the slower pace of the sleepy coastal town.

Hugh's son's became lifeguards and excelled at art and surfing and went on to leave their mark on surfing culture. Oldest son John went on to make some of the first surf movies, founded Surfer Magazine, and was an established photographer and artist. His influence and impact on surf culture cannot be understated. Today the Severson name echoes back to surfing’s rich history while still evoking the sense of surf "stoke" for the new generation.

Severson Originals is focused on showcasing the Severson family artwork on products you love to wear. Inspired from our history and heritage in surf culture and our passion for putting brush to canvas, ink to paper, and board to wave. From Baja to Makaha and every ride inbetween we encourage the creative personality in everyone. BE ORIGINAL!